188Bet Player Paid Balance After nine Month Wait



A 188Bet player has been paid their outstanding balance of just over £1,000 after a 9 month wait.

The player contacted Bookie Dispute for assistance when the Isle of Man regulated book refused to pay out their remaining balance.  The player stated that they had opened an account and had a few bets on football, winning a small amount overall.  A payout was requested and paid.  They were then contacted multiple times by email over the course of the 2016 Cheltenham Festival, encouraging them to redeposit for various promotions.  The player did so, providing 188Bet with plenty of turnover, engaging in both promotional offers and standard wagering.  A considerable sum was lost by the player, who accepted the losses were their own responsibility and they simply wanted to be paid their remaining balance and walk away.
188Bet asked the player to undergo its KYC procedure and provide photographic images of a passport and/or driving licence, a recent utility bill or bank statement and a photograph/screenshot of the deposit method, all of which was provided and accepted.

188Bet then asked the player to provide payslips from their employer as evidence of the source of the funds, a request which the player was opposed to.  Emails were exchanged between player and 188Bet, the upshot being that the parties had reached an impasse; 188Bet would not pay without seeing payslips, whereas the player refused to provide them, citing their right to privacy and not wanting to involve their employer in recreational activities.

The player asked Bookie Dispute for assistance in obtaining a payout.  Bookie Dispute advised the player that 188Bet’s terms allow for them to ask such information, but it should only be requested if there was a suspicion of criminal activity, something which 188Bet did not allege.  There was no evidence of criminal activity seen by Bookie Dispute and the player was advised to follow the complaints procedure set out in 188Bet’s terms and conditions, which gives the operator’s management a chance to address the complaint.

Bookie Dispute is pleased to report that 188Bet relented and paid the player in full, along with an apology for the time it took to do so.

Bookie Dispute would welcome feedback from other 188Bet players with their experience of the site.

Players experiencing difficulty in obtaining payouts can contact us for assistance and we will be happy to advise.





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