Matchbook is not your typical betting site, as it is a peer to peer betting exchange.  The concept is that Punter A bets against Punter B, with Matchbook having no vested interest in the outcome of the wager, as it simply takes a small commission from both punters for providing the platform that brokered the bet.

As with all betting exchanges, liquidity is crucial to its performance and Matchbook has a huge amount of money in the markets on most major sports.  It is a particularly crucial for those wanting to bet on US sports and should be the premier option for those wanting to bet reasonable amounts on NFL, MLB and NHL.  Its liquidity on major football leagues is also very good.

There is an offer for new customers whereby they get £50 credited back to their account over a period of 5 weeks, providing an incentive to keep betting on the site and contributing to the liquidity.

Matchbook is a superb option for high rollers, as there are no betting limits imposed by Matchbook and players can simply wager as much as they like (there will, of course, need to be a willing party to take the bet!).  There is a plethora of deposit and withdrawal options and customer service is very efficient.











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