Sportingbet & Bwin Now Sharing Same Platform – Restrictions On The Up

Sportingbet and Bwin, both of whom have been under the GVC Holdings umbrella for some time, are now operating on the same platform. This means that Bwin now offers, for example, horse racing odds, which it has historically avoided.

Since this development, we have been informed of a number of accounts being restricted to maximum bets of less than £1, with the Bwin side of things clearly having inherited Sportingbet’s trading team. Sportingbet are well known in the industry for restricting anyone who places a bet, be it a winning or a losing one, on anything remotely approaching a value selection. Bwin have always given punters a fair crack of the whip, but it would appear that these days are over.

For the recreational punter, this change of platform should make little difference, but for anyone playing for more than fun, this may spell the end of your days with Bwin.

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