Keeping your money with a bookmaker, however small or large the sum, is a big deal.

You need to know that you can trust the bookmaker, so it is reassuring to hear that bookmakers are paying.  For example, there were rumours of Canbet no longer paying; soon after this they went bust, costing the betting public millions of pounds.  If those reports had been more public, it could have saved a lot of people a lot of money.  It wouldn’t have assisting in recovering funds already deposited, but it would have stopped people from unknowingly depositing in a bookmaker that was going bust.

At Bookie Dispute we like to report bookmaker payouts as quickly and currently as possible.  If you have had a payout recently, then we would love to hear.  Please let us know as much detail about the payout as possible, such as a rough idea of the amount and whether the payment was sent to card, to an online merchant like Skrill or whether you collected your payout in a shop.  Even better, if you could send us a screenshot of the transaction we promise to cover up any sensitive information before publishing it on here.

The more information that we can present, the more useful the site will be, so please contact us with any information that you feel may be relevant.

Please send details of your payouts to